Terrell Owens Signs with Bills. Jim Kelly's Heart Hurts

Another few hundred thousand Terrell Owens jersey’s are hitting landfills throughout the country today.to-copy-copy  My wife tossed her Eagles Owens jersey a few years ago.  Another highlight moment for me.

Owens gets 6.5 million dollars. 

Bills fans get a years worth of entertainment. 

Bills QB Trent Edwards should buy stock in Tylenol. 

Former East Brady All Pennsylvania QB and Bills HOF QB  Jim Kelly who led them to four straight Super Bowl second place finishes was not available for comment, but I am certain he is thrilled to have Owens playing for his old team.  Yeh.  Thrilled.

“I’m leaving America’s team (for) North America’s team,” Owens said at a news conference. 

Someone tell Owens they are playing in Toronto. 

Oh, come on Training Camp, get here quick.

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