Zambrano Umpire Impersonation Instant Classic

After tagging Nyjer Morgan with what the ump thought was a late tag, Carlos Zambrano let him have it with a verbal assault followed with a bump which got him thrown out of the game.  At the time, the play tied the game at two.

And then Zambrano came back for more and tossed the ump before Sweet Lou Pinella, who took his sweet time coming to the plate, could save his ace.

He will certainly miss some time after this incident.   [MLB]

Thank you Carlos.  Thank you Lou. 

Jesse Chavez and Sean Burnett poured gasoline on the fire and the Cubs hammered the Bucs relievers for three runs in the bottom of the eighth. The Cubs faithful rejoiced in the 5-2 victory, but I believe MLB might have the last laugh.

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