Flashback to 1979 This Weekend at PNC

Greg Brown was the Parrot? Greg Brown was the DJ? Greg Brown made the most of his internship. 

Don Robinson could hit like a maniac.  Robinson was a solid pitcher too, but Disco?  Who would have known? 

 The Pirates had the third highest payroll in the majors. $4.2 million.  I don’t want to hear it can’t be done…  Read it here from BCT writer John Mehno who does an excellent job recapping numerous details in the article.

John Milner pinch hitting for the 4-for4 Steve Nicosia was my favorite part of the Trib article .  Read it here by Joe Starkey.  Nicosia saying ”what are the chances of a guy like me going 5-for-5,” is a shining example of how the team became the World Champs.  And Dave Parker’s quote that nobody knew who Phil Garner was until he stood behind him in a picture is funny stuff. 

The Where are They Now from Starkey is here.

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