Kimbo Slice Knocks Out Jay Leno

Who said Kimbo didn’t win last night?  The score cards have been counted and the Kimbo Slice fight on Spike was victorious over Jay Leno.  Yes, it’s true.   Kimbo did win.

Can we cancel The Leno Show now and put hundreds of actors back to work? 

Kimbo Slice, the former body guard for an outstanding porn producer (Money Talks 17 was great by the way Kimbo), began fighting in the back yard as the camera rolled.  He then became  a You Tube sensation.    Kimbo never drew sponsorship revenue from any his bare knuckle fights.

Jay Leno is a proven Network TV ratings machine that has bankrupted corporate marketing budgets as millions slept through his ho-hum material.

Fast forward the Tivo to last night.  Kimbo fights Nelson on Spike.  (Yeh, Spike)  And Kimbo kicks Leno’s ass!  Heh, at least Kimbo beat someone last night.

The final judges scorecard? 

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Jay Leno 5.9 million

Kimbo Slice….THE NEW MEDIA DARLING…6.1 million

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