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Lincecum Off the Hook? This Video Helped.

The 2008 Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum will pay $250 for possessing a pot pipe an AP report said today. The agreement must still be approved by Judge Darvin Zimmerman.

Grant Hansen, the deputy prosecutor on the Lincecum case, said his office is willing to dismiss a misdemeanor charge of possessing 3.3 grams of marijuana.

“We negotiated the case in the manner we do with just about every first-time marijuana-drug paraphernalia case where the individual is cooperative with the officer,” Hansen told The Columbian. “We dismissed possession of marijuana and amended the other charge to buying or selling drug paraphernalia, a Class A civil infraction.”

Lincecum was picked up just after sunrise on Oct 30 and a week later it looks like the case is quickly wrapping up.

There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Mr. Hansen was heard singing this catchy jingle from the Fox TV hit show Family Guy.

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