Obama Torches Troy Polamalu in VIDEO

Troy Polamalu was torched on the White House lawn by Barrack Obama?  Who said the President hasn’t done anything since he has taken office? 

Sure Troy will be out again Sunday and has been hurt this season as he suffers through the dreaded Madden Curse, but to be burned by the cigarette smoker is just unthinkable. 

But in the video below, Saints QB Drew Brees can clearly be seen ignoring the wide open American children (isn’t that who the United We Serve and Play 60 programs are targeted at helping?) in the pass pattern as he forces the ball into a tight window where Obama makes a nice catch. 

Right in front of Polamalu.   

Pathetic coverage.  Brees had all day to throw too.

Anyway.  If Troy can’t play better than this, the Steelers are in trouble.

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