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Dennis Dixon Highlight Videos; Charm City Devils

RumBunter will be in Charm City Sunday night to see all the action. If we survive, we will have some pictures for our readers. Wish us luck.

We put a few videos of Dennis Dixon here for you to enjoy and our favorite band from Dirty Bird land (other than Kix of course.) Charm City Devils (CCD).

You gotta watch the video of Dixon, check out the statue of liberty…whoa! He’s a magician!

Be sure to listen to CCD too. I think you will like it. It’s their first official video, Let’s Rock n Roll.

We’re looking forward to seeing Dennis Dixon get his first taste of the NFL if the great news out of Steeler camp is true that Ben is going to rest his aching head.

It’s time for Dixon to Rock n Roll. Save our playoff souls Double D. We know you can do it.

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