Georges Laroque Fired Up to be a Pittsburgh Pirate [VIDEO]

Evidently, Georges Laroque wasn’t told  ”the Pittsburgh Pirates aren’t for sale.”

RumBunter defending champ Jason told me that he can dominate the over one million other contributors including 3rd Boss, Rudy, Dan, Ian, Scott, Rene, and 999,988 others.  So the challenge is open.  Hell, Under Armour stepped up with some of their new sweatshirts. And yeh, Jason you can feel free to win another one and resell it for beer money. 
Jason 2-1
Rudy 2-1
3rd Boss 3-1
Dan 4-1
Ian 5-1
Scott 5-1
Rene 7-1
RumBunter 125-1
Get a hilarious comment in the section below by when midnight strikes this Super Bowl Sunday and you will be rocking a Under Armour sweatshirt compliments of us losers at RumBunter. 

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