Green Police Super Bowl Ad by Audi Rocked

Audi stole the show with their Super Bowl ad. It was the favorite of the RumBunter gang. Maybe it was Cheap Trick. What was yours?

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  • ryan c

    It rocked? Sorry I wasn’t impressed with the idea that this wonderful police state should be detaining people for water bottles and full on SWAT assault for throwing away an orange peel. It made me want to puke and guranteed I will never consider driing an Audi.

  • billy serious

    i didn’t take it that seriously

  • Billy

    The audi green police commercial was among this years best?….Really?
    I guess I’m just getting really out of touch, but I found no humor at the site of people getting taken away for choosing plastic over paper or for having the water in their hottub a certain tempearature. And I really didn’t find the visual of someone getting busted after having batteries found in his trash funny at all.
    The idea of having a spotlight of a helicopter shined on me through my kitchen window while drinking water in the middle of the night is not one that makes me want to run out and buy an audi.
    As a matter of fact, after yesterday I can pretty much guarantee you that I’ll go out of my way NOT to buy one.

  • Karl

    Wow Ryan–that sure upset you. You clearly have no sense of humor.

  • Lare

    I am amazed by how many columnists apparently don’t use a dictionary. The ad is NOT satire. Satire is an attack, via humor, on something of which the author strongly disapproves.

    Audi, in contrast, makes clear on its web site that it totally supports and approves of everything the Green movement does worldwide. Audi admits that its ad is a “caricature,” and claims that Gestapo tactics are “humorous”; but Audi’s message is that if you buy their car, you can comply instead of resist the Nazis.

  • Billyray

    It was the best ad. Controversial and confusing, but still very entertaining.

    1) How can an entry level “sports car” win green car of the year? Sports cars should be banned from entry.

    2) The Green Police were NAZIs-scary part. SAN FRAN has laws about disposal of compost. One city has attempted to ban garbage disposals.

    3) Not sure if spoofing the tree huggers or the anti-tree huggers.

    4) Going green is no longer popular.

    5) This will generally backfire (ha) on Audi. I rule their cars out now along with GM. But I do like turbo-diesels-a efficient technology.

    6)Should have got mall cop to star in it.

  • Tanesha Hasten

    I think the bud commercial with the horses was the worst ad. I think they are pushing the limit of creativity with that one. Maybe next year they will leave the horses in the barn.