Catching Up With Ex-Bucs: McLouth Predicts 100.8 VORP

Nate McLouth spoke to John Perrotto at BP and it sounds like McLouth is loose as ever.

Meanwhile, McLouth is now wearing contact lenses and joking predicted he wil hit .450 this season since he can now actually see the ball. I asked him if he had a VORP prediction and he said 100.8. That’d be a pretty good year.

Freddy Sanchez is expected to begin the season on the DL.  Click here to read Frustrated Frisco Fastballs opinion on the Sanchez for Alderson trade. 

Jack Wilson is still in the Mariners 2011 forecast by SoDo MojoIan Snell too?   Let’s see,  my guess is that by July 1st that will change.

Adam LaRoche is discussed in the same breath with upgrade and production.  Sure.   LaRoche is a proven producer.  It just takes a while.  Read it where the  DBacks fans get the best news–Venom Strikes.

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