Pirates 2010 Commercials: Anticipation, Hard Work, Let's Do This

Andrew McCutchen, Lastings Milledge and Garrett Jones are featured in the new Buccos commercials.  The campaign themes highlight McCutchen in  ‘Anticipation,’ and Lastings Milledge in ‘Anticipation’  Jones is shown in this  ‘Hard Work’ segment

‘Let’s Do This’ is my favorite team commercial from Ken Brown’s MediaSwitchBoard page.  We like the Cutch Anticipation piece (linked above) as the overall winner.

 Mondesi has a funny caption contest you should click over and check out.  The winner gets a collectible Clemente 3000 hit picture.  Mondesi’s House already has numerous hilarious comments for the Pirates punching bag of a campaign theme- “It’s Time” which is in the 2010 mix.

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