The Ten Greatest Stadium Implosions Ever. [Video]

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Texas Stadium hosted  The Final Tailgate today.  At 7:07 am, an 11-year old named Casey Rogers pushed the detonation button on the “Cheddar Explosion,” the stadium was brought to earth a minute later.  

Somebody said stadium implosions are kind of bitter sweet– it’s like watching the house you grew up in burn down. I never really felt like that when Three Rivers came down. It’s history for a reason and the Steelers wasted little time in creating some at Heinz Field. 

I just trust the same will never be said for the Cowboys. 


I don’t miss the past, the future is just too damn exciting.  So what are you waiting for, pass me the blasting caps and det cord, let’s blow some shit up.


The Big Sombrero Implosion had no countdown, it surprises everyone, watch as Sidney quickly becomes overcome with ash and smoke.


We will save number one for you Texas-

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