You can't say that Lastings Milledge hasn't become a gentleman, he bowed for us?

RumBunter Takes Full Responsibility for the 20-0 Loss to the Brewers

The Pirates are having a tough week.  It culminated in the 20-0 historic loss.  Put it on us at RumBunter.  Here are photos that prove that when we arrived at PNC Park, the Pirates became distracted. So, if you are going to blame someone. Blame us.

"HEH! It's RumBunter!"

This belt buckle is sweet isn't it Rum?

RumBunter was sad. Very sad.

I am over the sadness thanks to FakeGFnJones: I guess the Brew Crew wanted to score a run for every one of their wives I banged last time I went to Milwaukee.

6:15 PM Apr 22nd


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