Pirates Rookie vs Nats Rookie, What's His Name Strasburg?

Ladies and Gentlemen.   It’s officially unofficial. 

Let the wild speculation begin.  The offical starter for Tuesday against the Washington Nationals has been announced for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  It is TBA. 

Some people think it’s Jeff Karstens.  Some people think it’s Eveland.  I don’t think either of those two will be on the mound Tuesday.  

Everyone is asking who I think it will be against the phenom.  Come on.  There are about five different signs that point to who will get the call for the Bucs.  I will go with a rookie named Brad Lincoln.  Just makes sense doesn’t it?  

 God speed Brad TBA Lincoln.


Beat writer Dejan calls for Lincoln today. For saying he is not a salesman, Dejan does a pretty good job of selling it.

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