Sunday Morning Brunch: Sausage Links

Some days after a Pirates loss, I get up early and write in bitter detail about the game.  Not today.  I am reading this fascinating book by JR.  So on this glorious Sunday, we will share some interesting stories from around the globe.  Enjoy your brunch.

How in the world  Justin isn’t writing for the Washington Post is beyond me.

Man gets two taser blasts when deputy interrupts couple having sex on the lawn.  Ouch.

Chuck Lidell is in the hospital, he’s disappointed, and his face hurts. 

Pitt = Notre Dame.  Some new college football math.

If you haven’t put on a uniform, Lou Pinella wants nothing to do with you.


The Pirates lost last night.  People are all worked up about Ryan Doumit.  Really? 

Johnny Damon’s wife is attractive, Curt Schilling’s wife thinks she is a homewrecker.  Even more of baseball’s hottest wives, ex-wives, wives of retired players.  Bentz is a madman.

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