How Pissed Is John Perrotto At The Pittsburgh Pirates?

Local boy John Perrotto has a new gig as Editor-in-Chief at Baseball Prospectus.  We have never thought much of his work at RumBunter, and were really jacked when he foot stomped in this article when he was covering the Pirates via PiratesReport last season.  But nevertheless, the guy has the big job with the fancy clothes, lovely ladies, and nice new car. 

We wear hand me downs, ride a bike, can’t write worth a crap, and are stuck in mom’s basement.

In Perrotto’s  latest post, he blasts the Pirates calling them a ‘three-ring circus.’  He calls Frank Coonelly’s response to the extensions of John Russell and Neal Huntington a ‘lame excuse.’  He calls owner Bob Nutting ‘miserly’ and says he ‘begrudingly’ signs checks.

Some quality work.  Enjoy.

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