Ohlendorf Was A Hero, Then Rangers Train Ran Him Over, Bucs Fall 6-3

To beat a team like Texas, something special needed to happen.  For four innings it was Ross Ohlendorf.  He didn’t have a real good fastball, didn’t look especially comfortable on the mound, but he shut down the powerful Rangers lineup in perfect fashion for three innings. 

 In the fourth inning, he started getting ripped and by the fifth, it was over for Ross.


It is definently a trend.  Are all the starting pitchers losing their mind on this team?

A photo gallery of the game is here, how happy, how confident and relaxed does this Rangers team look right now?  From that freight train named Josh Hamilton who is hitting nearly .500 during this freakin monster streak to unlikely homerun hitter,  Julio Borbon, the Rangers were impossible to stop.
First the pitchers. Then Marte. Then Holt. Now Sanchez. I don’t know how much more I can take. Hit it Johnny.

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