Have The 2010 Orioles Outdone The Pirates?

I was walking through the hotel lobby in Baltimore and I caught a quick glance of a happy couple with some sweet Orioles sherseys. Of course, I had to give a glance over my shoulder at the name. I thought it would be Matt Weiters in some sort of weird irony.  But no….

I about fell over. Really?  Jason Berken Tee-Shirt Tuesday?  

But it seems I missed the story over at Mr. Irrelevant earlier today.

Time to catch back up with the Bucs blowing a 9-0 lead. Yeh it’s painful, but Tee Shirt Thursdays at PNC Park will never be Javier Lopez Tee Shirt Thursday, we stick with simple logos. Whew. Just one more for you, because the matching argyle hats are so cute…

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