More Proof Pedro Alvarez Is Really Superman

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Put aside the huge 1.148 OPS in the month of July.  Just cast it aside. 

No, we’re not talking about the gaudy line of .339/.406/.742   Those are the obvious facts my friends.   We are looking at a deeper sign.  Here… look…

Pedro gave us another hint last night that he is the real Man of Steel.  Think about it for a moment, would this sentence make sense to you….by day Pedro Alvarez works as a mild mannered baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

Just look at his quotes, along with extensive shoulder shrugging ‘aw shucks’ attitude after becoming the first Pirate rookie to hit two homers in back-to-back games:

It’s what we want to do. 

We just want you to know that your secret is safe with us Pedro.  But maybe some Clark Kent glasses should be in order if you keep hitting all these bombs.  Hell, you almost broke the pole last night!

Dejan compares Pedro to the best kid on your team in a cool PG + article, but he unfortunately doesn’t edit any music into his recent locker room video.

I’m in Baltimore so if you’re like me, just keep staring at the highlights.

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