Bring On The Padres

At Fansided we have one of the best bloggers in the game at  Stoltz is the real deal.  He took a look at the matchups and since you’re probably hot as hell and dont want to read me tonight, check him out, he rocks.  Good stuff.

Padres Arms vs. Pirates Bats

The key with Correia, plain and simple, is to follow the scouting reports and mix his pitches well. He’s got five offerings, and the Pirates as a whole aren’t going to take tremendous advantage of any of them. If he keeps the batters guessing and simply uses the individual batters’ weaknesses as his out pitches, he’ll do fine.  [ok, no more teases, click it. ]

Pirates Arms (we have those?) vs Padres Bats

There seems to be a feeling the Padres will come in to PNC Park and sweep.  I am not in that camp. 

Let’s Go Bucs.

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