Has Jose Tabatas Wife Been Working Out? [VIDEO]

Something is messed up with my eyes I think.   No, not that picture above, but the video below.  I know that only the Pittsburgh Pirates organization could have some crazy shit like this happen. But does anyone else think Tabatas wife, ex wife, baby thief whatever your name for the chick he married at a check cashing place might be, doesn’t she have a few different looks going on?

I see glasses that make her look smart, a thicker chick in a blue jumpsuit that does nothing for her, and then the worst look, the crying for her life psycho woman….no wonder Tabata was so screwed up back in the day.

Cue the weeping chick that can’t speak up, has a couple names, has found Jesus and must be doing prison yoga.  [continue]

She could get really good at yoga if she gets a life sentence. The cougar show would be over.

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