King Kratz Brings Prince To His Knees


I do not own this picture. It was taken by MattSpring66.

Prince Fielder took on Erik Kratz last night in Pittsburgh.  It wasn’t a good idea.  He was out by ten feet on a one hop laser from Lastings Milledge. 

Oh yeh, who the hell is Erik Kratz you might ask?  Let’s give you the tale of the tape with some low tech highlights.

Prince Fielders’ Height:   5’8”    

Erick Kratzs’  Height:       6’5″

Fielder Weighs:   350+ pounds

Kratz Weighs:     275

Steps Taken By Fielder Prior to Impact With The Brick Wall:   38

Blows Thrown By Fielder: 2

Brick Walls Don’t Move

Winner:  The Brick Wall Erick Kratz.

[MattSpring66 Kratz original photo credit.  MLB Baseball screen shot.]


Matt Bandi has another visually detailed look at Pedro’s front foot.  Could it be the difference?  Check it out.

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