Ryan Church Is....

The Pittsburgh Pirates employ veteran Ryan Church.  He batted .161 in May, .100 in June, and .226 in, wait….ok, he just struck out so it’s less than .226 in July.  It’s really  frustrating trying to determine why he is still being given opportunites. 

So tonight we asked a few people their thoughts on the veteran outfielder.  We asked the question Ryan Church is… 

The answers are below.

Ryan Church is…

Five months past retirement.

A right handed hitter.

Therapy for pitchers.

Ready for the golf course.

The guy that used to be good in High School.

Your dad’s annoying buddy that just won’t leave at the cook out.

The guy doing 50 in the left lane with his turn signal on for the last five miles.

The ex that your girlfriend keeps telling you how great he used to be!

Mario Mendoza reincarnated.

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