San Francisco Giants Honor Jerry Garcia--Whats In Everyones Mouth?

Jerry Garcia Tribute Night was held by San Francisco last night as the Giants battled Carlos Zambrano and the Chicago Cubs.   Garcia was a big baseball fan and sang the National Anthem with the band at Candlestick in 1993. (video below)  Some lucky fans got a Jerry bobblehead by purchasing a special package which sold out quickly for fanatics of the fallen legend. 

Bill Walton is a big Garcia fan and he made it to the announcers booth last night.  It was awful.  Awful.

The big question we had was what in the world was that thing hanging out of most everyone’s mouth in the seventh inning? 

A kazoo? 

Awww….come on.  Jerry would be so disappointed, but he would certainly find a way to get a screen in that bad boy.

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