Clint Hurdle Loves Cameras. Roll Tape

Because some of you Pittsburgh Pirates fans  just love watching video. We dug some up for you of Clint Hurdle.  The guy who some feel could be named the new manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  (Take a deep breath.)

Hurdle talks about his hitting philosphy. The ‘pack’ mentality. Awareness of what is being asked of players. Sacrifice.  Pass the offering plate.

Hurdle talks about his daughter Madison and the Prader-Willi Syndrome in this commercial.  More details are available in the video description.


Hurdle talks about fans in this radio interview in Denver. This was prior to landing a job in Texas we presume.


And we conclude with a video salute to Freddy that was very well done.  The man who helped take down Hurdle’s powerful Rangers club. 

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