I feel bad for her already.

Aki No More Ahh

I am pretty sure this means Aki got paid a lot by the Pittsburgh Pirates and will now live happily ever after.

Heh Wilson you will never believe how much they paid me to play in this ballpark! Heh, do you got a smoke?

The Pittsburgh kid JJ Behr is all over Twitter. You should follow him. He’s a writer at Baseball Prospectus and tonight he sent out the tweet that has MLB fans breathing a sigh of relief.

No Major League teams will bother signing Aki Iwamura. No hopes of a MLB comeback. No bullshit about his bounce back. And most importantly for Pirates fans, there will be no Bautista like return to glory to have our noses rubbed in this season. 

Iwamura will be playing for the Rakuten Golden Eagles next season.  We simply hope the Golden Eagles fans don’t do away with the famous Eagles bras in lieu of Aki jerseys. 

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em Aki. 

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