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Pirates Takeover Christmas: It's A Taillon Life

The Story:  I’ve never watched it, but I’m told in the movie ‘It’s A Wonderful Life,’ a regular guy learns that being popular and beloved is much cooler than riches.

The Meaning:  With people and friends supporting you, success is possible.

Pirates Equivalent:  The 2010 draft had safer, less expensive picks available.  Some fans and media members said that the Pirates would never go after high school arms because it would be very expensive and too risky.   The Bucs shunned the skeptics and went ‘all in’ investing millions on ‘the dead mans hand’– two aces.  Fans were thrilled.   We have to think that Bob Nutting will become beloved, even if it’s by only a small percentage of fans, when these guys become big league stars.


Taillon talks with Steve Blass in this video clip from MLB filled with high school clips.

Obviously Taillon wants to be cool like Blass

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