Mullets, Chest Hair, Boas, John Cangelosi Featured In Beyond The Cardboard

Pirates fans have been known to talk about those glory days of Pirates baseball.  Even men that are turning 40 this year, were in attendance at the 1960 World Series Game 7 in Pittsburgh.  I guess it’s because Pirates fans just love their baseball history. 

That’s why I think you will absolutely love this video from the braintrust over at Joe Sports Fan.  They tracked down world-renowned baseball card photographer Earl Sanderson.  Yeh, that Earl Sanderson. 

In the video, Sanderson is spilling the inside scoop from baseball’s glory days when mullets were mandatory, chest hair was hot, twenty-foot boas were today’s one pound poodle, and outfielder John Cangelosi was roaming Chauncy’s, stealing home, and fearlessly becoming the first player to ever face Randy Big Unit Johnson. 

“Beyond the Cardboard” with Earl Sanderson (Episode One) from on Vimeo.

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