Roberto Clemente was the greatest Rule 5 selection in the history of the world.

Pittsburgh Pirates Rule 5 LinkFest

The Pittsburgh Pirates have the first selection in the Rule 5 draft.  Neal Huntington didn’t exactly ring its praises, but don’t think for a minute the Bucs won’t use that pick.  We don’t believe that the Pirates are happy with the current roster and moves are still going to be made, some serious moves.  Here are the favorite Rule 5 reviews we have found on the blogosphere for you.   

Bucs Prospects takes a look at an interesting relief arm in the Orioles system.

Pirates Prospects has mucho content on the Rule 5 and here is the link to all of it, Tim has been on the Adam Miller hunt for weeks.

This one is the mother of all Rule 5 reads, Vlad is a phenom (and would be RumBunter’s Rule 5 pick for a new writer by the way, the guy gets all of the details.)

Marlins Maniac Dennis has a few more for you to check out.

So what do we think the Pirates will do with the pick tomorrow?  We just have a hunch they are going to try and trade it away.

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