Pittsburgh Pirates Joel Hanrahan Interview

Pittsburgh Pirates relief pitcher and hopeful 2011 closer Joel Hanrahan does an excellent interview.  He discusses the closer role, the passion of Pittsburgh fans, getting lefties out, Ryan Doumit trade rumors with a poor guy that bought his wife a Doumit jersey.    Hanrahan doesn’t talk about how he gets Albert Pujols out–great part of the interview on 1460KXO.

Hanrahan mentions that Scott Olsen has a healthy shoulder too.    It’s a really solid interview including his attitude toward umpires.   Do yourself a favor and go check it out. (By the way, no progress on Hanrahan’s arbitration.)   The interview is at this link.  Move it to the 20:15 mark to cue up Hanrahan.

Follow Joel Hanrahan on Twitter and his brother Mark too who is also on Twitter and sends envious pictures of the big bucks he bagged.

Check out all the pictures of Hanrahan back home and a more in depth story at Kristy’s excellent blog here.

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