Rare Exports: This Christmas Everyone Will Believe In Pittsburgh


In our latest takeover of Christmas movies, we mix the most anticipated Santa movie of the year with our beloved Pittsburgh Pirates. 

The Movie:  Rare Exports

The Meaning:  It’s too awesome to even think about.

The Pirates Equivalent:  Frustrated with a lack of revenue, Pittsburgh Pirates GM Neal Huntington and President Frank Coonelly have devised a plan.  A wicked, wicked plan.  They have ordered the kidnapping of Santa Claus. The ransom money will fund the Pittsburgh Pirates for seasons to come.

Yeh, this holiday season Pittsburgh will be doing the shopping.  Contract extensions for the young Pirates bounty hunters are just the beginning…..

The Pittsburgh Pirates have become the new evil empire.

Rare Exports was released stateside today. Here is a review:

Clipped from: io9.com (share this clip)

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