Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Caption Contest

Need you cuption! PHOTO: Brendan

You know the drill, it’s your chance to think of a great caption.  This photo was taken by Brendan from this cool baseball  blog.   We had a chance to hang with him at PirateFest when you get a few minutes go check out his site. 

If you are picked as the winner by our esteemed judges, you will receive a copy of Tim Williams’ new book “Pirates Prospects” and will forever have shit talking privies on RumBunter.

We still have a few copies of Tim’s books and we picked up another great giveaway at PirateFest, so we will be able to do this well into Spring Training so stop back and enter again if you don’t win this time.


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  • Nutting Hostage

    I would prefer the following caption:

    Hey Neal! – Right here buddy. I’m better than Snyder, Overbay, and Diaz!

  • JP Greenland

    Bench role? I your bench role right here!

    • JP Greenland

      Bench role? I got your bench role right here!

  • JP Greenland

    Strike?!!? No way!!! That was ball two!!

  • JP Greenland

    wHAT?!?…Leyva gave me the sign for a “squeeze”.

  • JP Greenland

    Well I can’t do it in the shower anymore…there’s a sign forbidding it.

  • Nutting Hostage

    As a new person visiting this site, I have a question that is unrelated to the name the caption contest.

    Isn’t it a bit premature for the “Are You Happy with the Job Hurdle has done so far” poll????

    What exactly has he done????

    He showed up for a press conference, Pens game, and a few radio interviews back in November and then again for NuttingFest this past weekend. Is that really the criteria with which we now judge Pirate managers? Have we completely given up on winning baseball games?

    Oh my.

    • http://rumbunter.com Tom Smith

      He has been known to have been on the phone recruiting players, I should have made my question a little more pointed. It seems quite a few of the players coming to town are doing so because of a relationship with him. Too bad he doesn’t have a better relationship with some of the better players….

  • Nutting Hostage

    Hey Leyva, right here with your bunt sign buddy.

  • Nutting Hostage

    SON OF A NUT CRACKER! – That pitch was fast.

  • Nutting Hostage

    Yeah, I’ve got a 2 ball pitch for you right here.

  • Nutting Hostage

    OK, who’s the wise guy that put Tiger Balm in my jock strap?

  • Nutting Hostage

    Anyone got a FlowMax? Damn, I gotta drain the lizard.

  • http://agon..... Jordy

    You want some of this mustache? Oh yeah. You do, don’t you?

  • jmarter

    “Right handed at bat, balls on the right.”

  • lethalshine

    “Which one of you guys gave me crabs?”

  • nuttinghostage

    Couldn’t get her off my jock she was like static cling. But that’s what happens when body start slappin’ from doin’ the wild thing.

  • nuttinghostage

    If you wanna ride
    don’t ride a white horse
    If you wanna ride
    don’t ride a white horse

  • Crazy-nick

    Adult vidieo nominee in the gay category Ryan Doumnit for 7th inning strech

  • jmania

    Looks like Doumit at least caught SOMETHING last year.

    • jmania

      “No Ryan, youre supposed to catch balls on defense!”

    • JP Greenland

      I’m jealous of this one…well done.

  • nuttinghostage

    Damn I’m chaffed down there, that Anna Benson is a wild cat.

  • dan

    I got your bob nuttings right here.

  • nuttinghostage

    Yowee, that burns. I’ma needin’ me some penicillin.

  • fpolskacheski

    “The new hitting coach says I just have to make a few adjustments.”

  • Brydbom87

    These are the only balls I can catch!

  • Brian

    How about:

    Hey Huntington! I got your TRADE BAIT right here!

  • chuck

    pitch the ball already, i gotta go!

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