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Pirates Photo Caption Contest

Need your caption! Quick!

Uh, huh you know what it is…. a tourist taking liberties with the Great One.  Please make him pay.

But being serious for a moment let’s remember this quote from Roberto.  Many people in the Pirates organization should remember it, hell they should paint it in the clubhouse and use it as a catalyst for the 2011 season:

“Why does everyone talk about the past? All that counts is tomorrow’s game.”  Roberto Clemente

But back to the business here…provide us and the thousands of world wide readers with a caption in the comments below. If the judges love it you’re a winner. Yeh, we know…you’ve never won anything in your life. We heard it before.

All of the winners are picked by our guest panel and receive a copy of Tim Williams’ new book “Pirates Prospects.” And of course the winner forever has shit talking privies on RumBunter.

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