The quotes from Clint Hurdle keep getting better

Pittsburgh Pirates OF Jose Tabata Is Like Toothpaste?

Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle says some crazy shi$.  But this quote about Pittsburgh Pirates OF Jose Tabata putting on some muscle this off-season is pure magic.  Hurdle said that he hoped Tabata would bulk up, but not to the point of losing flexibility or speed.  Then he dropped it…
“It’s like a tube of toothpaste. If you want a big blast of power right now, you squeeze hard from the middle. We’re going to squeeze from the bottom, though, to make sure we get everything we can out of him.”
Where does Hurdle  get this shi% from?

Squeeze hard

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  • Dave

    That sounds like a line from a pron movie.

  • Jerry

    Likewise, the Pirates should not let Clint Hurdle use up all his crazy sayings in the first off season. Squeeze that toothpaste from the bottom and let the crazy sayings come out slowly so that we have lots of them from may different times during the Clint Hurdle years….

  • Eugene Tober

    It isn’t going to snap the Bucs eighteen years of futility. But there is one thing about Clint Hurdle that seemed to be missing from the last few Buc managers, that being a personality.

  • dxpiper

    Clint Hurdle has diarrhea of the mouth; he will say a lot but most of it will be loose talk and stink. In his 7+ years in Denver, his average finish there was 3.9, basically 4th in a 5 team division. He had one winning season; and the year he was fired, a better manager took an under-performing team to the playoffs and a winning record again last year. I wonder if this will be another clubhouse where he tries to force his religious beliefs on the team as he did in Denver. While divine intervention wouldn’t hurt, forcing the team to pray and banning mens magazines is a sure fire way to split a clubhouse as it did in Denver. Sure, Hurdle has personality, but so does my old college coach and he would be as good a hire. Mr. Hurdle is not the answer, he is nothing but another distraction to keep the press off the back of ownership for the time being; ownership who pocket the revenue sharing rather than invest it back into the business. The Nuttigs are short-sighted, and this hire is just more of the same crap they have fed the Pittsburgh fans since they bought the team with McClatchy.

    • Eugene Tober

      Fourth is better than sixth.

    • dxpiper

      thanks, Eugene, (or should i call you dr. obvious) ….yes, 4th is better than 6th, and if you are happy with a 4th place team, you can root for the cubs. The Bucs have finished 4th in 2002 and 03, yet nobody thinks of those days as good times. I expect a contender; as I am old enough to remember that this franchise, in the right hands, can produce winners, and for more than one year at a time. You missed the bigger point: Mr. Hurdle took a contending team and made it a losing team every year, save one; and that year it took a miracle finish. He is merely another excuse to folks to give ownership a pass on their abject failure as stewards of this once proud franchise.

    • Eugene Tober

      Y have been a Bucs fan for a long time. Yes those Bucco teams were great but baseball’s culture was different then. Unless a Rooney like owner comes forward and could acquire the team its not going to get better any time soon.

    • whiteAngus

      youre just going to have to wait until the prospects start rolling in for this team to be sucessful… saying a rooney or a cuban would make a difference for this team is misguided. they would spend the same amount of money that nutting would spend: theres only one owner in baseball who spends more money than his team takes in, and thats mike illitch of the tigers. face it, the future lies with the farm system, and our FO is building up a nice one.

    • Eugene Tober

      First that Rooney remark was sarcasm. I agree that the Bucs FO is on the right track as far as the farm system goes. If the draft goes as expcted this year the Bucs will add a highly touted prospect to the burgeoning system. That being Anthony Rendon of Rice, so the Bucs can move Pedro to firstbase in 2014.

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