Caption Wanted.

Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Caption Contest

You know the drill, it’s your chance to think of a great caption for this picture of Zach Duke on Opening Day.   Speaking of which it’s still like 51 days away my friends…


If you are picked as the winner by our esteemed judges, you will receive a copy of Tim Williams’ new book “Pirates Prospects” and will forever have shit talking privies on RumBunter.

We still have a few copies of Tim’s books and we picked up another great giveaway at PirateFest, so we will be able to do this well into Spring Training so stop back and enter again if you don’t win this time.


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  • dxpiper

    It’s opening day and we’re already in last place?

  • Steve D.

    Hey Doumit, you might be next, it’s only a matter of time.

  • http://agon..... Jordy

    “Is this one of those cool Madonna ‘Vogue’ poses? Does it make me look too straight?”

  • Doug

    Opening Day warm-ups: Zach Duke does “the creep”

  • ZachsDad

    “Thank you Lord….opening Day and I’m finally not part of Neil’s rebuild!”

  • Dave

    If I give up any more homers, the fans will think it is ball give away day.

  • jmarter

    Why we catch the ball with TWO hands.

  • dan

    Does this glove make my butt look big?

  • whiteAngus

    “i wonder if fans of other teams blame their defense too?”

  • whiteAngus

    “Just refinanced my mortgage, payed for 12 years in advance for private school. Life in Western Pa is good…”

  • fpolskacheski

    That looks like A-Rod talking to my wife.

  • Tony

    Did that one land in the river or point park?

  • matt

    “… and here comes the free t-shirt!”

  • chuck

    c’mon give me the ball back, i’ll get the next guy out !