Aghrhgh! Need your caption!

Last Weekend Without Pirates Baseball Photo Caption Contest

Pirates pitcher Joe Beimel ladies and gentlemen.  Put your hands together….

Have a stellar weekend, and just think it will be the last for a long time without Pirates baseball.

Leave your caption in the comments below and the judges will select a winner.  If they select your caption, we will contact you so that you can receive your copy of Pro Scouting Pittsburgh Pirates Edition. 

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  • craig exley

    hey man. do you know where i am ?

  • Greg

    Making the Pirates roster: so easy, even a caveman can do it!

    • matt


  • chuck

    Cool, I’m back in the burgh and I am all in with that!

  • http://agon..... Jordy

    Know what I’d do man? Two chicks at the same time.

  • Greg

    “Yeah it’s nothing permanent. I just moved back in with the ‘rents to save up for our tour this summer.”

  • chuck

    I am a lot more mature and wiser than the last time I was here. Lets Go Bucs!

  • chuck

    …and you thought cutch had nice hair!

  • cocktailsfor2

    Yeah, I’m here to mentor the young guys, and try to pass on some of my knowle– hey – that chick is hot!

    • whiteAngus

      no, wait, thats just alex presley… where were we?

  • Brian

    Dude, man! Is this, like, Woodstock? Where’s the stage, dude? I’m soooooooooooo wasted!!!

  • JP Greenland

    Dude…where’s my car?

  • JP Greenland

    They kicked me outta Creed so..why not baseball?

  • JP Greenland

    Skip said he likes “winning ugly” then he called me.

  • jmarter

    Nonroster invitees fulfill their grounds crew contract obligation.

  • JP Greenland

    Pennzoil 10W40…..why?

  • sean santmyire

    to the left to the left…… dont you ever get to thinking your irreplaceable

  • matt

    Joe Beimel …mindfreak!

  • matt

    ..yea so i spent alot of time with Jason kendall this offseason in SoCal..”

  • matt

    “why yes..i was born in the Pittsburgh could you tell?”

  • jmarter

    Can you say “LOOGY”?

  • wally

    Ho-Ho-Ho-and a bottle of rum…..

  • michaelbro

    Oops; I thought this was a tryout for the cast of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie ?

  • franski

    Joe “Cocker” Biemel

  • Iron City

    This isn’t the California Penal league, Beimel, we’re professionals here!

  • belfry

    “Yeah? Well my dog would eat Mickey Rourke’s dog”

  • Dave1231959

    Man, I did like a case and a half of Straubs last night….

  • Brett of Indy