As a teenager in a Rev Theory shirt stares in awe at his pimp hat, Steve Pearce signs autographs at the Bradenton Pep Rally last night.

Pittsburgh Pirates Breakfast Caffeine

Hands down the best story of the day.   We’re a sucker for comebacks.  Need to do a Rocky photoshop of Tyler Yates.  Sorry–I use this as a to do list once in a while.

And in an entirely different angle, a phenomenal player that has picked Scott Boras for help,  just gets started with his first hit of the collegiate season.  Not sure you would have heard of him.  


Professors of headline writing all over the planet stand and applaud….


 “Money gives you a larger margin for error, and it makes mistakes easier to accept,”  says Neal Huntington in this rah rah article. (I think he was hypnotized by Silva’s trainer.) P.S.  Players like  Neil Walker make mistakes easier to accept.


Kevin Hart threw yesterday.  I couldn’t find much more information than that.  Keep an eye on Hart.  Probably starting on the DL.

Sorry. No link for you.

The Pirates Spring Training photo gallery is available at this link should the link below have difficulty.   (We heard it wasn’t working the other day)  Stop over, the galleries load very fast and photographer Dave Arrigo takes phenomenal shots.

The Pirates are the ’83 Mets?    Hurdle was a Met in ’83.  So Cutch is Daryl Strawberry?  [1983 Mets scored 575 runs, won 68 games, and finished with the worst record in the National League]


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