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Photo Recap: Pittsburgh Pirates Win Exhibition Over SCF Manatees 21-1

Steve Pearce had a big day. We're not sure who he is staring at, Lyle Overbay perhaps.

Under sunny skies in Bradenton, the RumBunter machine rolled into town.  It was a glorious day at McKechnie Field and 492 pictures later it was over.  Enjoy.

The Pittsburgh Pirates offense took advantage of the erratic play by the State College of Florida and never looked back in a 21-1 rout. The Bucs were up 10-1 after two innings. The lone Manatees run came off Pirates pitcher Tyler Yates.

The photo recap of the offensive highlights from the exhibition:

Garrett Atkins grimaces as his flare single drops.

Besides having a monster SLG%, Friday played 2B and 3B

Corey Wimberly wears stirrups. Enough said.

Sanchez was solid at the plate, but the throws to second were shaky. It

Hernandez had some solid at-bats.

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Some notes:

There were a shitload of autograph seekers at the game.  It’s rather fascinating to a guy like me.  The men have everything in folders.  Alphabetically.  It never ceases to amaze me.  But it’s difficult to get all of the players to sign their cards and pictures.

However, one key important factor if you would like to lure a player over to the RF gate for an autograph.  These help:

The black tank top is a must have for those seeking autographs in Bradenton.

After the fan, shouted “Scott! Scott” and motioned with her Sharpie. Scott Olsen left his fellow pitchers to do the right thing.

Mr. Scott Olsen signs for fans.

 So let’s recap. Black halter top + mysteriously adding a green halter after the player is on his way over = The autograph of your choice. Easy stuff readers. Easy stuff.


Clint Hurdle is the Manatee whisperer…..suck it.  Thanks ClintRocks13

Clint Hurdle feeds the Manatees



I liked what Hernandez did at the plate. I didn’t like what Lambo did. He walks like he has an erection or he has something wrong with his leg. We will keep an eye on his leg, the real one.

The Pirates pitching staff seems loose. Ray Searage is enjoyable to watch. At one point a woman screamed, where is my ball Ray? We say you in West Virginia and you promised me… poor guy. He lived up to his word.

It was hard for the Pirates pitchers to time their warmups and be prepared. Some pitchers would simply wait until the Bucs had two outs. We have several videos that we will unleash on you at some point too.

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