Andrew McCutchen looked to be in pain against the Baltimore Orioles.

No Access Pirates Spring Training Beat: A Scary Moment From McCutchen

The Pittsburgh Pirates were playing against the Baltimore Orioles on Monday.  Andrew McCutchen had just made the final out of the inning.  A day after McCutchen made his job of baseball look effortless, Cutch took the breath away of some Pirates fans–in a bad way.

He was walking up the first base line when he stopped suddenly, bent over and grabbed his right knee.  After I shot a few pics, I sat with my hands covering my eyes praying Pittsburgh wasn’t about to lose another superstar.  We don’t know if we could handle Cutch being added to the All-Star caliber injured report Pittsburgh sports suffered this past season.

Cutch moved his knee around a little, seemed to grimace, then as quickly as he stopped, he grabbed his glove from Garrett Jones .  And jogged to center field.

Pirates fan panic attack avoided.  

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