Pirates Evan Meek On His Way Back

Evan Meek wanted no part of being in the Pirates Photo Caption contest.


Evan Meek has been sidelined since last week with a strained right calf muscle.  Meek threw on the side Tuesday and said he felt no pain.  Looking at the size of Meek this year, it’s no wonder.  His body looks to be in excellent condition. 

He was hanging by the fence this week speaking with fans and was in outstanding spirits even telling one fan:

“From Rule 5 to the All Star Game, huh, who would have thought it right?”  Evan Meek

Neal Huntington told us he was itching to go but he was going to be conservative about his work.  Smart man.

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  • cocktailsfor2

    This is Meek’s make-or-break year, IMO.

    Either he’s going to be an outstanding reliever in MLB (hope it’s with the Pirates, but, let’s face it – RP’s are made to be traded), or he’s going to be an average reliever.

    I just have a feeling.

    • trgdr

      That he’ll be money or average?

  • cocktailsfor2

    Dunno – the feeling is just that it’s “the” year to determine it…

  • trgdr

    It’ll be a tell tale year for sure. He’s primed to take that closer role should Hanny fall out for whatever reason.