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Kent Tekulve Photo Caption Contest

Nothingcould possibly beat the captions from Karstens.  No way.  So by now, you know the drill.

Place your caption in the comments below and then when our judges pull the plug, one of you will win a copy of a sweet Pirates book or magazine.  (Our inventory is getting low, gotta grab some new swag soon..)

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  • matt


  • matt

    breaking news…Brendan Donnelly decides to finally retire

  • whiteAngus

    “hey, a floating logo! what the $#@! are those flourescent green letters anyway??? Ahhhh, $#@! it. Now where did I leave my can of Ensure?”

  • Mark G

    Hey Paul Alexander, Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth

  • JoseLindwasmyHero

    I’ve been doing this since your momma was in diapers. I’ll drink what I wanna drink!

  • chuck

    I love that dirty water, oh oo pittsburgh you,re my home!

  • jmarter

    Tasted like chicken to me.

  • Dave

    I wonder how many of these idiots didn’t read the sign. No wonder it has been 18 years.

  • Rob

    “If it’s good enough for the turf, it’s good enough for me!”

  • franski

    What sign? I’ve had these same glasses since the ’79 championship.

  • Nater

    That sign says DO NOT DRINK… the sign doesn’t have to deal with watching this Pitching Staff