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The Ray Searage's Mustache Was Black On March 1st Photo Contest

You know the drill.  You make us laugh, for some reason we have to decide just what one is the funniest, because life isn’t fair jerks.  You get free stuff (postage free.)  So what are you waiting for, drop your caption below for the Pirates pitching coach who is trying to decide just what the hell he got into to. 

We monitor closely, so don’t use the one from the Ray Searage SpikeTV roast last night …we beat you to it. 

As Marcia Brady told Ray, we all know that your mustache is an outdated cry for help and your tight ball pants are a beacon to every truck stop queen as you look to have your balls drained on a west coast swing after watching that staff get drilled harder than Nikki Benz.

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  • JP Greenland

    If YOUR number one starter was Kevin Correia you’d hide behind sunglasses too.

  • JP Greenland

    Our future’s so bright I gotta wear….Nahhhh just kidding, we’re gonna get lit up every night.

  • JP Greenland

    I’ll be back!! …to get you after 4 innings and 6 earned runs.

  • JP Greenland

    If Paul Jr. doesn’t finish that chopper soon…I’ll kill him!

  • cocktailsfor2

    “Well, that fucking caterpillar never did change into a butterfly, it just changed colors. But by that time, I was used to it, so…”

  • franski

    Your beard is weird, your stash is trash.

  • jmarter

    Too late to turn down this ‘promotion’?

  • jmarter

    At least they can’t tell that I too am afraid to watch.