Take 'em. Get 'em to us. Win $100.

Second Annual Lemonaaaaaade Here! Photo Contest

It’s back! All you have to do is take the pictures at PNC Park today when the Pittsburgh Pirates take on the Colorado Rockies, get them to us, we compile ‘em, and within ten days somebody is $100 richer.

No questions. Make it happen.

We will decide the winners in a sure-to-be hilarious upcoming post. (and oh yeh, any mullets in your pictures are always a bonus) 

So…. get to the ballpark…whatchya waiting for?  Photos can be submitted beginning twenty seconds ago (for those diehards doing the all night tailgating) and we will even take them through 10pm Friday, because we know you’re getting shittty today. 

Send them to us on Twitter or at the email address on the old wrinkled Pirates scroll above.  Happy hunting. 

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