Pirates Opening Day Photo Contest

Operation Shutdown and Big Money Matt. Courtesy of @TopherDaisy

Sometimes pictures just  blow me away.  What a pic.  What great Pirates fans.  TopherDaisy sent this over with the following subject line— “The. Worst.  Pirates.  Jerseys.  Ever”  Agreed.  

We will be doing this contest again (before Opening Day 2012) and give you some time to get a game plan next time.  Your jersey pics were off the chart, but nobody touched this.  He’s richer. You lose.

Runner up:  Heather M.

Third: EJ

Huggin it out....but Clint Hurdle appears to look for a wallet on Jim Tracy.

Bruce Tanner with the first pitch.

Rockies rookie pitcher Matt Reynolds heads to the bullpen

I like this use of the space on what is typically the Kennametal K board


Clint Hurdle heads to the dugout....as the fans look on, ahem...

The Grump-ersons

The legend with a well deserved smoke after selling 1,971 lemonades

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