Former Pirates pitcher, Ryan Vogelsong gave up two runs on four hits.

Bad Dream

San Francisco Giants starter Ryan Vogelsong figured it out.  It was his first start in nearly seven years and all Vogelsong did was put up eight strikeouts against the Pittsburgh Pirates this afternoon.   Good for him. 

We should have saw it coming. 

He hadn’t made a start in the big leagues in nearly seven years.  It was late September 2004 when, of course, he was with the Bucs.  He went to Japan and spent time in the minors, but today he was a major league starter who pitched a strong game when his team desperately needed him to deliver

He threw into the sixth inning.  Unreal. 

It was the third home series the Bucs have dropped this season. 

That’s all I got.  I missed the game.  (Thankfully.)

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