Clint Hurdle has championship aspirations for the Pittsburgh Pirates

Clint Hurdle Is Going To Be Pissed


This week Pirates manager Clint Hurdle told reporters that he wasn’t going to get shirts printed up about being .500.  Shit. 

Clint won’t like this.  

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  • Eugene Tober

    Hurdle isn’t endorsing those tee shirts, because the Bucs aren’t going to be at 500.

    • Tom Smith

      this weekend or for the year Eugene?

    • Eugene Tober

      The year because they still have more liabilities than assets on the roster.

    • Tom Smith

      Thanks man.

    • Eugene Tober

      You’re welcome

  • HankS

    I already made my .500 ROOT Sports Sign for the game tonight, yes I even put the Pennants in the R and T to make it offical. Root Sports… yes I said it in a random spot that doesnt even need it cause now I have a place to Root. Oh look its the Root Sports girl she is going to try to make a story out of this “Oh look at this guy he has a Root Sports Sign he’s a season tix holder who has been trying to upgrade to Dugout seats for the last 3yrs but cant get past section 117, Root Sports” oh look Bob people are on their phones twitter durning the games, what you hate Phones Bob? you hate Twitter Bob? Root Sports has a Twitter Bob…..

    Wow that sounded like a Rant lol

    • Tom Smith

      And a damn good rant I might add Hank! Laughing my ass off.