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Maybe She Was Related To Zach Duke--Epic Fail On PNC Park Jumbotron

The Pittsburgh Pirates play some interesting games with fans during a ballgame at PNC Park.  Last night Darian really tore it up. 

Because relatives of players aren’t eligible to win prizes, we are left with one alternative.  It must have been all the years of losing that scrambled her brain, well at least momentarily.

This is not photoshop. Swear.

That’s the only possible answer we have.  Disbelief surrounded us for six outs…. she obviously knew baseball, she took home the grand prize by nailing most of her other answers.  Hell, crazed lip chaser Richard Dawson would have been beside himself.

No.  Really,…. Zach Duke? 

I simply can’t explain it.

How about you?

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