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New, Improved Pittsburgh Pirates VIDEO: You Gotta Believe

Back in March of 2010 we were stumbling through YouTube and found this gem.  Let’s call it The Original You Gotta Believe

Now we have the Leaner, Meaner, Faster, Less Mullety You Gotta Believe:

Our favorite line in the 1990 Pittsburgh Pirates theme song: ‘Remember the heartbreak, remember the tears, getting it all together takes so many years….’ ahh, yes it does Ernie. 

The 1990 theme song was sung by Ernie Pontieri of The Letterman, whose childhood idol was Roberto Clemente.  The song was written by the ‘prophetic’ Frank and Ray Falotico of Ellwood City.   The 1989 Bucs were fifth in the division with a 74-88 record, but the 1990 team behind ‘You Gotta Believe’ made it to the NLCS.

NASHTOWN has done some very nice work on this video.  Check out more on the YouTube channel.

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