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Pittsburgh Pirates Caffeine: Buckle Up for Stetson Allie

Stetson Allie will make his debut Monday for the State College Spikes. This will be a great test for the fire throwing right hander in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.

Some people believe he has the best slider in the system.  We doubt he will be throwing it much, but heh, he’s got a great one. 

Of course, Allie will be working on fastball command.  We’ve heard that before, but this time I am really looking forward to it.  I wouldn’t expect impressive pitching lines from Allie right away.  He will have a few sprinkled in during the season, but he’s a work in progress for certain. 

We think it will be an eye opener for Allie, who spoke with a friend of ours recently, who told me well…let’s say, Allie doesn’t lack confidence.   

But remember, don’t hit the panic button immediately when Allie has a rough outing, the right hander just needs to learn to pitch, and let the talent take over. 


“When you talk about the process and a month and a half ago to where he is now, we are very encouraged with where he’s at developmentally,” Pirates director of player development Kyle Stark said. “This league is going to be a challenge for him. I think we saw this with last year’s crop of high school pitchers, but they were probably more advanced.

This line from Kyle Stark in the article is so true.  

 “He (Allie) is going to wear it sometimes. But we feel like this is where he needs to be developmentally.”  Kyle Stark

The line of the year is right here: 

“If looks could kill, we would be a killer team,” State College manager Kimera Bartee said. “We have some big, intimidating guys who throw the ball with conviction.”

The Spikes new manager is definently not like their old one, Gary Robinson, who ripped first base out, threw it, picked it up, signed it and gave it to a State College Spikes fan…


The Pirates have signed Alex Fuselier.  He improved steadily during his college years. Perhaps the Pirates think he might be a late bloomer….

boosting his batting average from .245 as a freshman to .295 last year to .308 this season.

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