Pittsburgh Pirates Trade Deadline: Hysteria or Gamesmanship?

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that Rob Biertempfel has on the Trib site today, Neal Huntington is quoted several times.  The talk shows in Pittsburgh this morning basically crucify Huntington. 


Read closely this quote talking about the demands of sellers in baseball:

“Will that change in the next week? Probably,” Huntington said. “That’s why we’ll stay disciplined and stay with teams. If the asking price changes, we’ll hopefully look to add.”
The demands will change from the sellers.  It’s a fact.  Huntington downplays it.  He has to.  It’s called gamesmanship.
What would you want him to say?  
Do the talk show hosts want him to say something like this—  Oh, yes, the Pirates are definently going to add a bat no matter the cost?   We are desperate. 
Of course Huntington has to play the game.  If only people understood the game.
Remember the old not so savvy Huntington who mentioned on the Rocco show that he wasn’t certain Matt Capps would be made an offer.  What happened then?  It created no market for Capps. 
Huntington is learning from past mistakes.  Opposing GM’s are focused on the Bucs.  Why wouldn’t they be?  The Bucs are the feel good story of MLB and they have obvious holes.  Power is lacking in the corner outfield and infield positions.  That’s four positions that need an upgrade. 
There’s not enough on the market to fix all of the Pirates holes.
But remember this, Huntington is thinking rationally.  Do you really think Huntington looks at the Pirates lineup and doesn’t see what we see?  Do you really think Huntington won’t add at the deadline?  Seriously? 
The guy will make a deal.   There is a really good chance that he will make several.
Huntington is using the media to send his message.  Look at that last quote.  Say you are the GM of another ML team that is looking to sell. 
If the asking price changes….
I think the GM’s around baseball just read that and are probably digging a little deeper into their demands.  We would be.
Especially considering that the deadline will come in less than a week. 
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